uhhuh We were all buried at sea

My name is Chelsea (or Tony to some people). I geek out about shit and occasionally I make movies. Marvel and Video Games have been ruining my life since I was a small child. Harry Potter came shortly after. Doctor Who and various Joss Whedon shows followed much later in life and carried on the process. You can usually find me crying about superheroes and video game characters. Plan A is to make millions making movies, Plan B is to become Iron Man.





"Would you rather go on a date with a dwarf, a hobbit or an elf?" (x) aka, the one where Martin realises he should stop talking. (1)

Imagine being around Martin Freeman making jokes like this and complaining about how there’s too many immigrants in England plus Cumberbutt talking about how great Julian Assange is and insisting he’s discriminated against for being ~too posh~

The Sherlock set must be a fun place

can we kill Martin Freeman. 

Martin Freeman stooooooop being awful. Maybe “people will call it rape” because it’s rape. Maybe that’s why.

I hate you so much you are an awful human being.

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    fucking hell
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    oh my god, fuck you martin freeman and shut your dumb mouth forever, PLEASE
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    Oh, I understand sarcasm but what I don’t understand is why you’re trying to make it a point that he was being sarcastic...
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