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My name is Chelsea (or Tony to some people). I geek out about shit and occasionally I make movies. Marvel and Video Games have been ruining my life since I was a small child. Harry Potter came shortly after. Doctor Who and various Joss Whedon shows followed much later in life and carried on the process. You can usually find me crying about superheroes and video game characters. Plan A is to make millions making movies, Plan B is to become Iron Man.

New to Who (for the Doctor Who Tumblr)

It actually sometimes surprises me how little time it’s been since I’ve discovered the Doctor. One of my best friends from high school went to Australia to study abroad for a semester where they introduced her to the Doctor. Se kept bugging me and bugging me to watch it until finally she told me she would never talk to me again until I started watching the show. Well, the timing was pretty perfect because at the same time I ended up coming down with a cold and sequestered myself in my bedroom. Luckily, every season of Doctor Who is on Netflix, so I decided if I was going to be locked in my room anyway I might as well watch it.

Not only is the show one of the greatest things to ever exist on the planet, but it ended up super-bonding my friends and I. And then, come Wondercon, I ended up making so many friends just because of how super amazing the fandom is! Who then convinced me to go to Comic Con where I met my Con family who I adore.

Not only that, but Doctor Who is how I met Savvie/Steve who is my favorite person ever and who also introduced me to several people who I lovelovelove dearly.

So, basically, without Doctor Who I would never have known many of my favorite people. Or Tumbkr, for that matter. So thank you, Doctor, for enriching my life with so many awesome friends. :)

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