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My name is Chelsea (or Tony to some people). I geek out about shit and occasionally I make movies. Marvel and Video Games have been ruining my life since I was a small child. Harry Potter came shortly after. Doctor Who and various Joss Whedon shows followed much later in life and carried on the process. You can usually find me crying about superheroes and video game characters. Plan A is to make millions making movies, Plan B is to become Iron Man.


Scarlet Witch is caught in the Cave Monster’s claw but luckily, Mantis jumps in to save her just in time. 

Only one little pet peeve…Captain America, why didn’t you use your Super Soldier Strength to break free from those ordinary ropes?! 

- Avengers v1 #115


pastels are tough goddamn


The Guardians you won’t see this summer


Just a quick doodle tonight of #1 cutie mentat.

Guardians of the Galaxy 08 (2008)


Guardians of the Galaxy, Issue #8 (2011)


Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2, #3.


Guardians of the Galaxy: Debrief Logs


Guardians of the Galaxy #05



Weird green chick with antennae, you say? No thank you.


I say The Celestial motherfuckin’ Madonna, bitch

This half-German half-Vietamese babe was born in the midst of the Vietnam war, and her blind father traversed through jungles for days to get her to safety. He came to a temple deep in the jungle run by a small, Kree sect called The Priests of Pama. They raised Mantis to be an expert in Martial Arts, and when she was old enough she left the Priests to find her place in the world.

What does she do? This sexy lady uses her assets to become a barmaid and prostitute, and she seduced Clint Barton’s old mentor The Swordsman and got his sorry ass to join the Avengers. That’s right, she told him to get his sorry ass up and out of crime, and the little bitch did it like that! *snap*

Fast forward a bit, yeah, and after the pair of ‘em joining the Avengers, The Swordsman was killed, and his body was inhabited by a Cotati - the alien race of trees. Why, you ask? Coz the Priests believed that Mantis would be the Celestial Madonna, aka the woman who would birth the saviour of this little thing called The Universe. 

They got married and they banged in outer space. Couple months later she gave birth to the saviour of the universe. She took a new name and raised her son for a year before she gave him over to the Cotati, and after that she teamed up with the Silver Surfer. Pretty sure they banged too. Then she exploded into five parts and some weird shit happened, and her good pals the Avenger’s helped her out, and then she was back to her sexy green self and helped them stop Thanos. Oh, and she and Vision banged too.

Then what happened? Nothing for a while, til Peter Quill was captured by Kree and stuck in a cell with some of the most badass peeps in space, including my sexy green lady friend here. Did I mention she’s a telepath? No?! Well she’s a motherfuckin’ badass telepath, and she saved those idiots more than once. She dies and then she comes back and Peter is super happy to see her. (Pretty sure they wanted to bang)

Wanna read how awesome she is for yourself? Here’s some download links to crucial Mantis things.

Avengers #112-#125 (Mantis’ origins and her early days as an Avenger)
Avengers: Celestial Quest #01-#08 (Mantis searching for the lost pieces of herself)
Annihilation Quest: Starlord + Conquest (Mantis’ first moments as a Guardian of the Galaxy. WARNING: Badass Alert)
Guardians of the Galaxy #01-#25 (Just a great book in general, Mantis is a super cutie)

Any questions? Feel free to message me. I would also recommend Silver Surfer #01-#18, coz they are super adorable together. 

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