uhhuh We were all buried at sea

My name is Chelsea (or Tony to some people). I geek out about shit and occasionally I make movies. Marvel and Video Games have been ruining my life since I was a small child. Harry Potter came shortly after. Doctor Who and various Joss Whedon shows followed much later in life and carried on the process. You can usually find me crying about superheroes and video game characters. Plan A is to make millions making movies, Plan B is to become Iron Man.

I keep forgetting that I am basically a Tumblr grandma

Steam not working

Tumblr being weird

I’m gunna go play Zelda until I pass out

both of those are pretty good though, so at least you’re not buying garbage

I have only ever regretted buying one game on Steam. The Back to the Future Game. It was…horribly disappointing.

I’ve got 99 problems and like 30 of them are video games and another 30 are comics and the rest are a combination of books, movies, work, and money.

I want you all to know that the last party we threw at my house there were so many people here that I got really drunk and really overwhelmed and ended up kicking people off the couch so I could play Bioshock.

And then Steve yelled at me and told me I can’t play 1 person video games when we have company because she’s mean.

And while we’re on the subject of Steam I want all of you to witness my greatest achievement

Apparently I also bought The Stanley Parable and Gone Home

like what the fuck why do I keep doing this to myself???



Okay everyone. Do you see this?

Do you see these two words?

They do not mean the same thing.

Can we all decide to stop using “gay” as a synonym for bisexual, since they’re completely different things? Bisexuality is not the same concept as homosexuality, nor is it a subset of it.

That aside I’m all for bi Spiderman


Accurate depiction of fox news.

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